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Accordion Concerto

for accordion and string orchestra

© Noise Production 1993/21


Commissioned by the Chamber Orchestra Sinfonia  (Belgium)


Dirk D'Ase's connection to the accordion started in Africa, when he did transcriptions of african folkmusic, that included this instrument. On behalf of the special sound, that D'Ase was fascinated with, he decided to use one accordion for his first opera Red Rubber, which takes place in Africa. While D'Ase was working on his opera he had the idea to use the instrument as a solo instrument in a concerto. When he met the excellent musician Philippe Thuriot, who is a great accordion player, D'Ase was convinced to write an accordion concerto for him. The accordion has been neglected in the field of serious new music but is starting to enter this field in recent times. D'Ase was fascinated from the beginning from the sound and technical possibilities of the accordion, that was first built in Vienna and later came to Africa through colonisation and there became part of african folk music. The concerto uses many technical and musical possibilities of the accordion. D'Ase wants to contribute in showing the importance and beauty of this instrument, that he finds a very important part of instrumentation.

Duration: 22 minutes