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The Choice

for medium voice and piano

© Noise Production 1992/19

Commissioned by Arlene Shrut, New York City


Dieses Lied wurde im Auftrag von Arlene Shrut (Juilliard School of Music, New York City) komponiert und am 25. April 1993 in der Embassy of Austria in Washington D.C. von Brigitte Pinter (Mezzosopran) und Arlene Shrut (Klavier) uraufgeführt.


The Choice  (Tom Kane)


How clearly the silence talks to me,

Motionless at the dividing of the path.

Which way to go?

It is but to choose

To make it real.

Wich path to take?

Which life to lead?

Which pain?

Wich ecstasy?

Which sorrow?

Be brave!


Wild choice, random, sure?

Listen to the lessons of your past paths,

Paths that were chosen

And made you.

Be brave!



Dauer : 4'10 Minuten