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Peel the plum

For medium voice and piano


© Noise Production Wien 1991/17

Text by Alexander Steyermark


Peel The Plum


Peel the plum with your teeth,

       and let the juice run down your chin;


Hold it up for inspection,

      flirtatious flesh exposed.


Dont't you wish that plums

      grew like this on trees?


An affaire de coeur


What's wrong with me these days?


When I lay down at night

      and the air is deadly still,

      I cannot, just cannot,

      get myself to sleep;


And when the sun comes up,

      and people spill onto

      the street, I

      cannot keep awake.


Some might say

      it's an affaire de coeur --


But if my heart skipped, skipped a beat,

Would you shock me back to health?


A Good Enough Excuse for Leaving

 You were all smiles when you

      brought me strawberries,

      but they were moldy;


Very elegant the way you

      took off your hat,

      and it smelled;


Excitement the emotion I feigned

      unwrapping a new shirt --

      it was too tight.


I believe I'll leave you now.


Endicott Lipscomb the Third


Do you remember Endicott?

                                         Endicott Lipscomb the Third?

I quite forgot he was the third...

                                      What does Endicott have to say?

He hasn't anything to say,

       his sister says he died last week.

                                                             I see...

You always were jealous of Endicott.

                                                   Yes... I remember.


The Room Next Door


What happened to the furniture?

It wasn't here last week.

Last week the room was empty.


Now, I'm not sure it's the same room

       I was in the other day.



Duration: 6’30 minutes